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Pasture-Raised Pork: 

Raised without artificial chemicals or antibiotics on the forested areas of naturally managed pastures. Supplemented with a non-GMO based feed.


Pork Loin Chops $11.00/lb.
Pork Rib Chops, French cut $13.50/lb
Pork Crown Roast Special order | Contact Us
Loin Roast $11.00/lb.
Spare Ribs $10.00/lb.
Back Ribs $11.00/lb.
Tenderloin $15.00/lb.


Shoulder Roast $9.00/lb.
Country Style Ribs $9.00/lb.


Smoked and Cured Ham* Special order | Contact Us
Fresh Ham $8.00/lb.
Pork Leg Cutlets $8.00/lb.

*Contains some nitrates and other preservatives 


Sliced or cut pork belly $15.00/lb.
Ground Pork $8.00/lb.
Italian Sausage $8.00/lb.
Cajun Sausage $8.00/lb
Chorizo $8.00/lb
Garlic Sausage $8.00/lb.
Breakfast Sausage $8.00/lb.
Bratwurst  $8.00/lb.
Hamhock (Schweinhaxe) $5.00/lb.
Jowl $2.00/lb.
Leaf fat $2.00/lb.

*We occasionally feature other sausage as our inventory allows, including Cajun, chorizo, and Polish sausage. Contact us at to learn about availability. 

Grass Fed and Finished Beef: 

Raised without artificial chemicals or added hormones on naturally managed pastures.

Ground Beef $7.00/lb.
Ribeye $20.00/lb.
Filet $29.00/lb
T-bone $20.00/lb.
Flat Iron $20.00/lb
Sirloin or Strip $17.00/lb.
Skirt or Flank $14.00/lb.
Rump, Pikes Peak and Sirloin tip Roast $8.00/lb.
Brisket $7.00/lb.
Chuck/Arm Roast $8.00/lb.
Round Steak $8.00/lb.
Stew Meat $7.00/lb.
Ox Tail $8.00/lb.
 Tongue $5.00/lb.
Whole Joint Beef Bones* $5.00/lb.
Neck Beef Bones* $5.00/lb.
Marrow Beef Bones* $5.00/lb.
Misc. Soup Beef Bones* $4.00/lb.

*Boil with your favorite vegetables for a hearty broth.

Free-Range Poultry Products: 

Raised without artificial chemicals or added hormones on naturally managed grass fields.
Fed a non-GMO diet.

Whole Chicken $5.50/lb.
Drumsticks $5.00/lb.
Quarters $6.00/lb
Thighs $7.50/lb
Wings $5.00/lb.
Boneless, Skinless Breast $10.00/lb.
Chicken Back Carcass and Feet $4.00/lb.
Free-Range Chicken Eggs  $6.00/dozen.
Chicken Liver or Hearts $6.00/lb