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Now Taking Online Orders and Providing Free Delivery Every 1st and 3rd Thursday!

The prices you pay initially reflect a 50% down-payment for each product. Once we receive your order, we will confirm when it is available for delivery or pick-up. The balance will then be invoiced and collected. To receive free delivery, a $50 minimum order is required.  


The quantity of each meat item reflects the lbs of that item. Some packages of meat have an typical weight such as roasts (3lbs), chops and steak (1-2 lbs) but they will vary. Please indicate by quantity, the estimated lbs that you desire and we will match the cut as closely as possible. The final balance you pay will be determined by the actual weight and account for any discount specials that may be offered for CSA members. 

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Pasture-Raised Pork: 

Raised without artificial chemicals or antibiotics on the forested areas of naturally managed pastures. Supplemented with a non-GMO based feed.


Pork Loin Chops $11.00/lb.
Pork Rib Chops, French cut $13.50/lb
Pork Crown Roast Special order | Contact Us
Loin Roast $11.00/lb.
Spare Ribs $10.00/lb.
Back Ribs $11.00/lb.
Tenderloin $15.00/lb.


Shoulder Roast $9.00/lb.
Country Style Ribs $9.00/lb.


Smoked and Cured Ham* Special order | Contact Us
Fresh Ham $8.00/lb.
Pork Leg Cutlets $8.00/lb.

*Contains some nitrates and other preservatives 


Sliced or cut pork belly $15.00/lb.
Ground Pork $8.00/lb.
Italian Sausage $8.00/lb.
Cajun Sausage $8.00/lb
Chorizo $8.00/lb
Garlic Sausage $8.00/lb.
Breakfast Sausage $8.00/lb.
Bratwurst  $8.00/lb.
Hamhock (Schweinhaxe) $5.00/lb.
Jowl $2.00/lb.
Leaf fat $2.00/lb.

*We occasionally feature other sausage as our inventory allows, such as Black land prairie or Polish sausage. Contact us at to learn about availability. 

Grass Fed and Finished Beef: 

Raised without artificial chemicals or added hormones on naturally managed pastures.

Ground Beef $7.00/lb.
Ribeye Steak $20.00/lb.
Filet Steak $29.00/lb
T-bone Steak $20.00/lb.
Flat Iron Steak $20.00/lb
Sirloin Steak $17.00/lb.
New York Strip $17.00/lb
Skirt Steak $14.00/lb.
Flank Steak $14.00/lb
Rump Roast $8.00/lb.
Pikes Peak Roast $8.00/lb
Sirloin tip Roast $8.00/lb
Brisket $7.00/lb.
Chuck Roast $8.00/lb.
Arm Roast $8.00/lb
Round Steak $8.00/lb.
Stew Meat $7.00/lb.
Ox Tail $8.00/lb.
 Tongue $5.00/lb.
Whole Joint Beef Bones* $5.00/lb.
Neck Beef Bones* $5.00/lb.
Marrow Beef Bones* $5.00/lb.
Misc. Soup Beef Bones* $4.00/lb.

*Boil with your favorite vegetables for a hearty broth.

Free-Range Poultry Products: 

Raised without artificial chemicals or added hormones on naturally managed grass fields.
Fed a non-GMO diet.

Whole Chicken $5.50/lb.
Drumsticks $5.00/lb.
Quarters $6.00/lb
Thighs $7.50/lb
Wings $5.00/lb.
Boneless, Skinless Breast $10.00/lb.
Chicken Back Carcass for Broth $4.00/lb.
Chicken Feet $4.00/lb
Free-Range Chicken Eggs  $6.00/dozen.
Chicken Hearts $6.00/lb
Chicken Liver $6.00/lb