Join Our CSA!

We are excited to announce that we have launched a CSA for our loyal customers! 

If you sign up by August 15th, you will receive 5% off of the total of your next order, and if you sign up by August 30th, you will be invited to our first fall event in late October/early November!

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way to get connected to your local farmers and ranchers, purchase their foods and get to know the rest of the community that supports them as well. Our CSA will also help the farm to further the mission of healthier food production, sustainable farming practices and education of young people on the merits of a career in agriculture. 

How will the CSA work? You become a member and purchase the same meat and egg products you currently do directly through a defined sales process which keeps track of your purchases. Only members will be offered discounts on certain cuts, announced weekly and receive first access to unique and high demand items. Based on the amount you purchase from us annually, you will qualify for a certain status level which offers additional benefits. Each status level will have different benefits that come with them (defined below). When you sign up, you will indicate the level you intend to qualify for which will help us with inventory planning. Ultimately, your actual purchases will determine your membership status, allowing you to increase or decrease as you desire. 

How do I sign up for the CSA?  We have a new e-mail address specifically for members which is Email us at this address with the Email subject “CSA Sign Up”. We will need the following information to complete your sign-up: name, address, email, phone number, and desired membership status (from the list below).


How will I get my food? We will be providing delivery directly to your house or pick-up at specific locations. Deliveries will be on defined days, and the frequency of delivery will increase as the customer base grows. Delivery is free for all orders of $50.00 or more. The current pickup location is at the Plano farmers market at the Shops at Willow Bend every Saturday from 9-2 but we will also add more pick-up locations based on the number of customers in each location of the metroplex.

How will I order and pay?  All orders should be made through the website menu . You will be required to make a down payment at the time of the order which is equivalent to about half of the purchase. Be sure to enter the quantity based on the approximate weight you desire of that cut. Once we process your order and determine the total costs (calculated on the actual weight of the cut, minus discounts and any out of stock items) you will be invoiced via your e-mail address for the balance. You can either pay the invoice using your credit/debit card or pay with cash/check when you get your order. This allows you to pick-up or receive your delivery without the need to wait for processing of your transaction.


What if I am not home at the time of delivery? If you are not able to be home at the time of your delivery, you will be asked to place a cooler out on your doorstep. We will place your order in the cooler which will store it for about an hour or more depending on the outside temperature. We can also place a small amount of dry ice in the cooler for a charge of $5.00, which will keep your order frozen for several hours.


List of Farm Membership Status Levels and Benefits Offered

Farmstead Friend – $600/year (average $50/month in purchases); An invitation to the annual farm event, access to exclusive discounts on products.


Farmstead Partner – $1200/year (average $100/month in purchases); Invited to the annual farm event, access to exclusive discounts on products, access to on farm dairy and produce when available, 10% savings on special chef prepared meal events at the farm, one “Jr farmer” experience (children 12 and under accompanied by a parent)


Farmstead Leader – $2400/year (average $200/month in purchases); Invited to the annual farm event, access to exclusive discounts on products, access to on farm dairy and produce when available, invitation to a hamburger/sausage picnic event on the farm, 25% savings on special chef prepared meal events, & 1 “farmer for a day” experience (for those 13 yrs and older) or 2 “Jr. farmer” experiences.


Farmstead Ambassador – $6000/year (average $500/month in purchases); Invited to the annual farm event, access to exclusive discounts on products, access to on farm dairy and produce when available, 1 free special chef prepared meal event at the farm & 25% savings on any other meal event, & 1 exclusive “farmers for a day” experience for the whole family.

Definitions of Farm Terms:


Annual farm event: We will conduct one event lasting at least 4 hours which would include an educational tour of the farm, games, activities, competitions and a hay or tractor ride. Food and beverages will be available for purchase at a reasonable cost.


Farm Dairy: Wholesome Farms and Gardens is developing a herd of mini-dairy cows which when ready to be milked, will provide raw milk for sale on the farm. Our herd will not be A2 casein exclusive, but we are breeding to develop the herd to produce this healthier form of milk and hope to offer it in the future.


Farm produce: We grow some fruit, vegetables and herbs on the farm seasonally. Sometimes we have significant supply of certain items which we would offer to our CSA members to purchase. When we have an over-abundance of certain items we would offer these items free, starting with the higher tier members.


Special chef prepared meals: This would be an evening event for up to 10 adult couples. Utilizing our meat and as much of our home- grown herbs and vegetable as we can obtain, a trained chef will prepare a meal to be enjoyed outside, overlooking our beautiful view of the rolling hills and trees. Explanation of the health benefits of the dish and tips for how to prepare it will be provided. Estimated cost of the dinner is $100/plate.


Hamburger and Sausage picnic: This would be an afternoon scheduled event at the farm, specifically for the smaller group of “Farmstead Leaders” members. We would serve our farm raised ground beef, ground pork and sausage along with chips & salsa and a drink. Some activities and games will also be planned.  A small charge to cover labor expenses and supplies would be determined and collected at the time of the event but the meat would be provided for free.  


Jr farmer experience: This is a half-day opportunity for young children 12 and under to experience the farm along with their parent. Children would get an opportunity to “help” with some of the chores, touch an animal or two and get their hands dirty. Participants would be encouraged to bring a box lunch and enjoy a picnic on the farm.


Farmer for a day experience: Any person 12 or older would have the opportunity to work along side one of our staff while they do chores. Our goal is to make this an educational experience. Participants would be required to bring their own lunch and be immersed with the team member as he or she completes their work for the day.  

Farmers for the day family experience: Bring the whole family and get an in-depth education on what it is like caring for the animals and working on the farm. Have the opportunity to participate and get your hands dirty when desired. Lunch would be provided for free.

Contact us today at if you are interested in becoming a member of the CSA!