Tender Pork Shoulder Sliders

We know that cooking a large cut of meat can sometimes be daunting. That’s why one of our favorite methods uses a slow cooker. It’s our No. 1 way one to save time and make dinner easy. We love throwing all of the ingredients together at the beginning of the day and coming home to … Continue reading Tender Pork Shoulder Sliders

Our Favorite Bone Broth Recipe

As we discussed in a previous post, bone broth has multiple health benefits, from boosting your immune system to slowing the aging process. We try to drink a cup every morning. Melissa, a loyal customer from Flower Mound, shared her recipe with us and it’s the best one we’ve found. We took some time to visit … Continue reading Our Favorite Bone Broth Recipe

Rosa’s Chili Recipe

Everyone has a favorite chili recipe. This one is ours. Over the years, Rosa has perfected her chili recipe to create just the right balance of flavors. We call it her award-winning recipe because it almost won first place at a school chili cook-off. Every fall, it fills our home with its sweet and savory … Continue reading Rosa’s Chili Recipe