All Traditions Start Somewhere!

A longstanding tradition in the Turczynski family is to create homemade polish sausage for Easter. For generations, the family would prepare a basket full of bread, butter, sausage, and vegetables to bring to the church to be blessed. Each item of food in the basket has a specific symbolism for the holiday, the sausage (called Kielbasa) being the symbol of God’s favor and generosity. On Easter morning, the family would enjoy the contents of the basket together in a time of feasting and fellowship.

The Turczynskis of Wholesome Farms and Garden still carry on this tradition, with an added tradition of their own of using the ground pork that comes directly from the farm to make the sausage with! It’s such a beautiful tradition for the family that they thought to share it with you, the friends of Wholesome Farms, so that you can create your own timeless traditions with your own families!

Here is their family recipe for Polish sausage, but you could also start your tradition by using a recipe of your own! Click the picture of the vintage sausage stuffer to find a link to a modern one you can buy. You can also find dried casings online or ask the butcher at your favorite grocery store or market and they might even be able to give you some fresh.

Turczynzski Family Polish Sausage Recipe

19 lbs of course ground pork 
14 Tbsp salt 
5 Tbsp pepper 
6 tsp marjoram (strong) 
2 tsp garlic 
5-6 cups of water. 
Ingredients are added slowly while mixing. Water amount will vary depending on quality of meat. Pump through casing (natural if available), into long links. Do not smoke the sausage.