About Us

Wholesome Farms and Gardens sells grass-finished, pastured and non-GMO fed pork, beef, chicken, turkey and eggs. We use science-based natural methods that produce a delicious product, emphasizing a cleaner and healthier way to eat. Drawing on old fashioned wisdom before industrialization, our livestock farming practices are chemical free and more labor intensive but promote livestock wellbeing and land sustainability. 

The mission of Wholesome Farms and Gardens is to raise healthy food, promote natural sustainable livestock farming methods and encourage young people to experience farm life.  

Craig and Rosa continue to be students of the farmsteading life, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. For over 17 years, they have learned through trial and error how to produce food using natural and organic methods in the harsh conditions of the blackland prairie region of North Texas. 

Craig has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years but has his roots in animal science and agriculture. He grew up on a farm in Iowa, studied Animal Science at Iowa State University and then completed a Ph.D at Texas A&M University in the veterinary sciences.

Rosa homeschooled her 3 children and taught at local parochial schools, making the farm a focal part of the children’s education. She is a skilled home cook who has authored many of the recipes we share with our customers. Now a businesswomen, she operates her own Menchies franchise and helps guide the family activities at Wholesome Farms. 

They started Wholesome Farms and Gardens after family members experienced health issues and both are now  passionate advocates for sourcing local and naturally produced food to fight chronic disease and reduce healthcare costs.

Logan Lowe joined us as the Farm Manager back in April, 2018. Since then, he has been managing all the chores at Wholesome Farms and Gardens, running the farmer’s market booth at the Shops of Willow Bend and doing the meat deliveries. Logan was born and raised locally in Howe, TX just down the road from Van Alstyne. He grew up working on his grandpa’s ranch and also worked as an assistant manager at Tractor Supply and Petco. Logan loves working outside and with our animals. Make sure you continue to visit him at the Shops of Willow Bend every Saturday.
Seth worked on his family ranch for over 17 years, doing the day to day maintenance of our farm and ranch. He is now a Cooper Institute certified personal trainer, body builder and a Dallas police officer. He was recently married to London and lives in Anna, TX. 
img_4641Alexa has been helping her parents and siblings take care of the ranch since she was seven years old, when she made a collection of sticks her family’s first “pets.” Alexa helped with the original design of the website and social media pages and contributed to most of the educational blogs. She is working on her career as a writer and lives in Coppell, Tx with her husband, Joseph and newborn baby Ronan.
 Daniel has spent most of his life feeding cows, wrangling chickens, and working outside in all kinds of Texas weather. He has helped with some of the farmers markets and with chores. He functions as our technical adviser while he is studying for a Computer Science degree.