About Us

We are a small farming operation perfecting the use of natural methods for producing food in North Texas.

Country Workforce started as a way for Craig and Rosa to grow their love for and share their experience with homesteading. They found time to care for their animals, crops, and property while working full time and raising their three children. In 2013, with the help of their children, they expanded the company to offer natural and unique food products. Country Workforce produces Wholesome Farms and Gardens, a private meat brand available online and at the local farmers markets in Plano, Garland and Frisco, TX. Country Workforce also offers help and partnerships to local homesteads, part-time farms, and small ranches. In September of 2017, Dallis Bailey joined the company as the full-time farm and market manager and now manages all aspects of the farm while coordinating her activity with Craig. 

about2Craig has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years but has his roots in animal science and agriculture. He grew up on a farm in Iowa, studied Animal Science at Iowa State University and then completed a Ph.D at Texas A&M University. He started Wholesome Farms after his own family members experienced health issues and is now a passionate advocate for sourcing local and naturally produced food to fight chronic disease and reduce healthcare costs. Rosa has been a teacher, cook, and food franchisee. For the past 17 years, they have learned through trial and error how to produce food using natural and organic methods in North Texas.
about1Seth has been worked on his family ranch for over 17 years. He is experienced in the day to day maintenance of our farm and ranch as well as many other facets of homesteading. He is a Cooper Institute certified personal trainer, body builder and completed training as an EMT. Visit his website at http://turczynskifitness.com
img_4641Alexa has been helping her parents and siblings take care of the ranch since she was seven years old, when she made a collection of sticks her family’s first “pets.” Alexa helps with the social media and marketing side of the business. Recently she suspended her full-time writing career in Dallas to pursue a Master’s of creative writing at Texas Tech. She currently lives in Lubbock with her husband, Joseph.
 img_1285Daniel has spent most of his life feeding cows, wrangling chickens, and working outside in all kinds of Texas weather. He mans our booth at one of the farmer’s markets listed on the home page each week. He knows all about the best ways to season fresh pork belly (bacon). He’s studying for a Computer Science degree.